Equine Assisted Counselling & Personal Development
(EAGALA Model)

PO Box 60
Palmwoods, Qld 4555

Office: 07 5457 3736
Mobile: 0408 067 664

Helen Sorensen

Dip. Counselling
MACA Level 2
NCAS Level 2
EAGALA Adv. Cert. - Equine Specialist
& Mental Health Professional

Jacinta Kretschmer

Eagala Cert. - Equine Specialist

Sharon Fergus

B. Soc Sc (Counselling)
MACA Level 3
Eagala Cert. - Mental Health Professional

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Why Horses?


Horses are sentient beings that have a connection with people that goes back through the centuries.  They are non-judgemental and have no expectations or hidden agendas.  A horse operates in the here and now and responds immediately and honestly to what is happening in its environment, and is expert in reading non-verbal signals and body-language.

It is these qualities that make them so valuable in the therapy programme.  Unlike other animals, they mirror human emotions, intent and body language, expose incongruencies that may arise, and provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning.



EAP/EAL Programmes for:

Individuals, families, groups, schools and organisational team building.

Non-Riding programmes, no horse experience necessary.
Facilities include undercover arena and safety equipment.

Equine Activities have been beneficial in working with, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, trauma, addictive behaviours, eating disorders, ADHD, grief and loss, , autism, conduct disorders, attachment disorders, domestic violence.

Other Programmes include:

The Circle of Security® Parenting™

Early Intervention Program for parents and caregivers.

12 Step Programnme.

Exploring Spirituality.

Balancing Core Beliefs.

Knowing and understanding your core belief, reaction patterns, compensating skills and how to balance them.

Half and full day programmes are available.



Communication including awareness of body language and non-verbal skills
Anger management
Creative problem solving
Focus / Mindfulness
Social skills
Emotional regulation

Horses in front of riding arena



Hazel Larard Centre
79 Hunchy Road
Sunshine Coast