About Us

Working with horses works …

All of our programs are non-riding (all activities are on the ground). Activities are strength based with the focus on human skills – not horse skills.
All facilitators are trained in the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning (eagala) model which is a team, solution focused model about client way of being and learning about themselves.

Horses have no agenda and give immediate feedback. They are honest, which makes them powerful messengers. Horses can foster change and provide healing by responding to sensory and somatic experience in a way a therapist cannot.

Adolescents grow intellectually and emotionally through feedback from their environment. Working with the horses change develops by learning through consequences of actions and developing new responses and actions rather than insight.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

True healing takes more than talking. Horses high sense of intuition combined with skilled and qualified facilitators create opportunities for participants to work through emotional and behavioural challenges without shame or stigma.
We work with people from all walks of life to support treatment goals.

Therapy sessions with horses can be booked for ages 5 and older.

NDIS Clients
Community organisations

Equine Assisted Learning

Individual and group programs are a great way to work on learning and development challenges and goals.
Learning through experience, feeling and doing – the horses provide a safe space to explore and develop important life skills.

We work with individuals, families, schools and community organisations.
Reading and Maths
Social skills
Problem solving
Veteran retreats

Coaching and Corporate Team Development

Achieve a new level of connection, communication and performance translating learning from the paddock to the office.
Team building days with our horses are a great way to reset and refocus on team goals and strengths.
We partner with leading Coaches and Consultants to meet your team and Organisation’s learning and development needs.

Set up for success
Relationship reset
Verbal and non-verbal communication