We offer a wide variety of tailored equine assisted learning programs delivered as 1 day intensives, or 6 to 10 weekly 1 hour sessions.

Beyond Resilience.

Beyond Resilience is our newest signature wellbeing program for children and adolescents.
The program is unique to Equine Alliance and our service delivery partners. It has been developed with current grounded resilience theory and frameworks, combined with 30 years experience working with children and horses.
The program is delivered over six 1 hour sessions in a school term – in small groups, maximum 6 participants.
Beyond Resilience helps participants to improve confidence, connection, coping skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and relationship skills.

Horsepowered Reading

Equine Alliance Facilitators are trained in delivery of the Horsepowered Reading program, developed by Professor Michele Pickel in the United States of America. The program demonstrates evidence of improving literacy outcomes for struggling readers over the program by breaking reading skills down into core components, and working with the horses to make new connections and increase self efficacy. Students in the program report improved reading skills, and improved overall motivation and sentiment towards reading.
For more information, visit the HorsePowered reading website here.

Veteran’s stress reduction 1 day retreat

Equine Alliance Facilitators are experienced working with Veterans. Supporting veterans and their families is important to us – we partner with a number of local organisations that support veteran wellbeing.

Horse Talk

Supporting participants with Autism and others experiencing relationship and social communication difficulties.


Supporting parents with core parenting skills and a non-judgemental environment


For at-risk youth: Works on creativity, habits, attitudes, motivation, personality, impact, openness, negotiation and self-confidence.

Bullying prevention and intervention

For schools, teachers, parents and children.

Exploring spirituality and core beliefs

For participants interested in exploring spirituality, connection, faith and hope